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July 08, 2008


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i find that i am addicted to this blog. dang!i still don't have a sonicare...but i have a clarisonic! is that anything? can i use that on pancakes???????
i breathlessly await your verdict.


Hey Linda,
Thank you for being addicted to my blog. I really appreciate it. I'm totally unfamiliar with the clarisonic but I just looked it up on Amazon. It's has at least 4 out of 5 stars by pretty much everyone. And 70% of people noticed a reduction in pore size (or maybe it was everyone who tried it noticed a 70% reduction in pore size, whichever it was really impressive). Tell me more about it. Do you love it? Sounds like you can eat as many pancakes as you want and it will still make your skin look fabulous. Do i need to own the Clarisonic? I would then have two sonic products. Can one ever have too many products with the word sonic in the name?

cosmetic dentist in los angeles

thats impressive..
thanks for blogging about this..
keep on posting.


cosmetic dentist huntington park

Where can i easily buy this kind of toothbrush? I like this because it's scientifically proven it can help us to remove stain to our teeth,of you have any suggestion please let me know. Thank's in advance.



Hi, You can get it online at Amazon or in Bed Bath and Beyond stores.

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Hi guys im back! i was waiting for the feedback,i really liked this kind of toothbrush. Please let me know.


cosmetic dentist huntington park

sorry, i missed that reply thanks a lot for the feedback. will try amazon.


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