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July 24, 2008


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I have oily skin all year round and I absolutely hated this product. Terrible consistency, incredibly sticky, wouldn't blend in, and irritated my skin. Plus it is way too expensive when it only lasts a few hours.

Definitely get a sample at Sephora before you buy this...


Hey Liz,
So it sounds like you're a big fan of this product:)
Skin type is a obviously a huge factor with this one so, yes, I concur, samples, samples, samples. Thanks!


My father looks like he's run into an oil tanker EVERY day! His face is SO greasy!!!

He has found great success with Mary Kay products. I try to avoid dealing with the pushy Mary Kay Consultants, but their Oil Mattifier is absolutely outstanding. It goes on SO light, absorbs like water, won't dry you out, and protects from shine all day. Pair that with their 3-in-1 Cleansing Bar and... lets just say that I can no longer see my reflection in his face.

Buying MK online often proves cheaper and easier than dealing with consultants.

I'll have to get a sample of this product, though and see if it works any better.

blomma finds

I LOVE the picture of George W. The expression on her face is PRICELESS.

My forehead gets SO oily, only in the summer of course. The only thing that works for me is oil absorbing sheets but I'm willing to trek to Sephora for a sample.


I love this stuff! I used it when I was freelancing in Sephora for LORAC a while back..their rep was in the store the same day as me..they also have a Medi-matt spray to control my oil much better than laying on powder in Texas heat!

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