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July 29, 2008


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Oh boy did I laugh after i read this post, well I always have that little smirk when I read your posts, but this one in particular made me laugh so hard. The reason why is because I COMPLETELY AGREE! these little bars of soap are a tease. I have the crème brule and chocolate chip and I am compelled to eat either every time I take a shower, Oh god you are so right it is so evil to put chunks of chocolate on a bar of soap, period! (not even close to the surface, just in the soap).


Hey Valerie,
I like to think I wouldn't dig into a bar of soap to get the chocolate chunks out and would only pull them off the surface, but I guess it depends how little is in my fridge:)


Too bad it's drying because I'm starved, lol!

This is one of those soaps I don't need around the house when I'm dieting. :)

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