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July 31, 2008


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Wow. And I thought going head-first into someone's armpit on a Chicago Brown line train a few years back was bad.

This sounds like a good product--most stones do nothing for me. I also was interested in checking out that little blue disc that Sally Hansen (I think?) makes that you stick in your shower. Hmm...


Hey Elle,
I hope you like it. The other thing I've been doing is using Miracle Hand Repair Cream on my feet at night.
The two together work wonders. I think they also have a miracle foot repair cream but I'm not sure if there is really that much difference in the ingredients.


Awesome--thanks for the info Jenny!


doubled over in laughter!!! wow incredibly funny..

hey have you tried the peg egg yet?? my best $10 investment yet!


Hey Kia,
Just watched the Ped Egg commercial on youtube. I'm intrigued. Although, looking at the shavings after, I doubt I'll ever be able to eat grated parmesian cheese again:) But it does look pretty miraculous.

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