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July 01, 2008


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Dr. Xavier Hawkings

Light tingling always, but always, seems to mean a burning sensation will be felt.




I use MyChelle's pumpkin peel, and holy god the burning. The first time I used it, I had tears in my eyes. The thing is? My skin had never looked better. Now I can leave it on up to about 10 minutes, but I don't think the burning ever gets better.


Hey Amanda,
I heard good things about the pumpkin peel. I'll have to try it. Glad to hear that even if it doesn't get less painful at least it gets easier to endure. Who knew no pain, no gain applied to skin care products.


i have skin like an elephant (not THAT wrinkled tho)
thick and durable, like my Sicilian forebears.

you know how you are supposed to work up gradually to higher percentages of glycolic acid?
Nah. I used Natura Bisse's 50% glycolic peel first time I tried glycolic. For like, 10 mins. not really much going on.

you had me at "vat of acid" is right. on way to Duane Reade now.


50% glycolic acid????? You're my new idol:)

Organic Lip Gloss

It does sound to have promises wrapped in thsi the review,thanks and keep us updated about all products as you do.

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