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August 19, 2008


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ok the mice part was horrible. you could cut that part. I dont even know how you can feel that is correct to post something like that, putting animals in treadmills until they collapse???? thats not right. i'm sorry I love your blog... but i'm disappointed.


Hey Rita,
Done. I removed the collapsed part. Believe me as a vegetarian, who doesn't wear leather and volunteers with an animal rescue group, I didn't mean to upset anyone, I just lifted what I read in an article.


oh i'm sorry. I'm happy to know that about you though.. and happy to know you re not upset with me. hope you post more often xoxo


Hey! Can you tell me which Whole Foods in NY you purchased this at? I called the Bowery and Union Square locations and they sounded like bumbling idiots when I asked about it, had no clue what I was talking about. Do you know what section it was in? I want to try it so badly!


Hey Margie,
I get it at the Whole Foods in Union Square. They always seem to have it. It's in the fridgerated drinks section right near the express checkout lines. Good luck.


Thanks! I love your blog!

healthy foods

Drinking plenty of fresh fruit juices daily will cleanse your system, make you feel completely energized and last but not least, you will look beautiful.


Hey healthy foods,
You're right. I swear it's making a difference in my skin. My skin looks clearer and less dull, as far as I can tell.

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