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August 26, 2008


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Wow. I should get this for my dog (border collie/beagle mix, blessed with an undercoat that produces enough fur to weave into sweaters that would clothe an entire Guatemalan village). She's starting to shed and when I walked her yesterday I swear it was like I was walking through tumbleweeds with the amount of fur she was shedding...


Dogs wear human sweaters. Why not humans wearing dog sweaters. I think the Guatemalan village will love it:) Sounds like your dog is a prime candidate for the furminator. Seriously, everyone I told about it calls and tells me how many lbs of fur they got off their pet. You won't believe it.


i have a similar device that removes what appears to be an entire cat-size ball of hair from my cat without reducing his actual size one iota.

these things ROCK. petco - I know what I'm doing Labor Day weekend

Southern Angel

OMG, I love my furminator and my neti pot!


Don't you just love them. Isn't being able to breath great? :)

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