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October 23, 2008


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Randy Trident

As a world class dancer, I understand the importance of silky hair. Whether I'm doing a jitter-bug or the tango - having my silky smoothy hair glistening atop me is inspiring to all.
"10" is a 20 in my book!


Omg omg omg.. you don't just blog Jenny, you write prophecies.. about the good future of my currently rebellious, curly, falling hair!
My (small southeastern university town's) salon hairdresser used It's a 10 after my last trim, and it smelled super, leaving my hair super-er (word made up out of sheer delight). Plus, you were right about hair gets better with time, when it's usually the reverse with other hair products.
And, the cholesterol hot-oil thingy post was so darn right too!! It made my hand slide through my silky hair just like slipping on wet floor wearing stilettos.. my hair's less frizzy, shiny, and kind of wavy-straight. Best of all: over time the cholesterol has somehow reduced the hairfall!
Heil NostraJennyDamus :P


Damn. Why did I have to be the Nostradamus of hair products? Why couldn't I predict things like lottery numbers? Oh well. Glad you liked them. Although the stilettos on the wet floor thing sounds kind of frightening:) Thanks!


This is what I need! I'll find this product, I swear.

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