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October 21, 2008


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Just stumbled upon your blog at 11.30pm. It made me shriek with laughter, really loudly, in bed in the dark. My family are slightly worried but thankfully tolerant. Keep up the good work! I have this favourited already...


Thanks Danielle!!!! I hope your family has recovered from the fright you've given them and their heart rates are back to normal:)


A note on the octopus's garden: a pal of mine who's a master diver once was diving off the PNW coast and ran across an octopudlian who made for home.

He followed and found the octopus in his crevice and the garden out front. My pal then picked up a couple of the octopus's rocks and rearranged them, then sat back and waited.

In about five minutes, he said, one long arm came out of the crack in the rock and put everything back the way it had been before.

I love octopi. I got nothin' for you on the clay masks, though.


Ah, they're used to it!

I love Eve Lom Rescue Mask (don't know if it's available outside the UK?). It's a clay-based mask which I can't live without when I get those monthly breakouts.


This stuff is scary in a good way. I can't use it with the apple cider vinegar now but with water it still does the trick. Sensitive-skin girls may want to forgo the vinegar too-it's a killer!


I have to throw in a mention of the classic Queen Helene Mint Julep mask. It is cheap as can be and helps suck all kinds of ugliness out of my face. It is also widely available at pretty much any drugstore if you live in a sleepy backwater with none of those new fangled "health food stores."

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