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November 17, 2008


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my skin does not necessarily look better when i spend time outside, but i find that i care less. so maybe that's the key.
in fact, if i spend long enough hiking or snowshoeing or at the beach, i find i care less about most any part of my body or even what i'm wearing. it may be harder on others, but it's good for me!


I find that care less thing always makes people look more relaxed. Then they get that relaxed vacation-like, inner glow, which can't be bought. Not even in a really big Sephora:)


Does walking my dog while she frantically tries to sniff everything count as being in nature? Hmmm.

Also: "(At which point Ethan Hawke usually flashes through my head, because he was in that movie where the soccer team’s plane crashed in the Andes and they ate each other.)" I have TOTALLY had that thought before, watching seagulls tear apart chicken nuggets. :)


Glad to hear you had the Ethan Hawke thought as well. That either means I'm not totally crazy or that you're crazy too:)


Jenny, I will be happily crazy with you any day! :) Your blog always cracks me up.


Well, I have always worked in the veterinary field, and almost all my coworkers looked a lot younger than their actual age... I do believe it's because we all really love what we do (= less stress).


That's funny Emily. My sister is a veterinarian she looks a lot younger than her age.

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