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November 04, 2008


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You are the funniest blogger ever! But I have found that drinking a lot of water (or herbal tea when I get bored of water) does wonderful things for my skin. Only problem is, my bladder doesn't adapt. I still have to carry a potty around with me... The things we do for beauty!!


Thank you so much for you kind words! I'm not sure which sounds worse carrying around a toilet or wearing Depends but I suppose they are both worth it for better skin. By any means necessary.


I am the hugest water drinker EVER. I start with a half a liter in the morning and go from there, the sad legacy of the one kidney infection I've ever had. And I'm a nurse, which means that I can't just go and pee when I need to, but I do okay.

You will adjust. I promise. The rule to follow, though, rather than the 64-ounces-a-day one, is the pee-color one. Tea-colored urine is *bad*. Light yellow or straw-colored urine is *good*.

I credit my huge fluid intake with people telling me I look 28 or 30 rather than 39--and that with all the horrible things I've done to my skin and still continue to do!

Remember: Tea bad, light yellow good.


Thanks so much Jo. That was very informative. The color thing is a great guide. Especially since I keep losing count of how many glasses I've drank.


dear jenny,
this water thing didn't do as much for my skin as what it did for my pregnant belly. I began drinking 64 ounces plus a day during my 2nd and 3rd trimester. I couldn't really see my face as my huge swimming pool of a belly kept me from getting close to the mirror. However all that water created a false impression of the size of my baby. In the end I had a 7lb baby and enough water on the floor to flood NYU hospital's labor ward. Sorry if I just digressed, it just brought back some fond memories. Lesson learned: drink a lot of water and get the inducement date you want.


I always aim to drink more water. I could talk about the benefits for hours probably. When I actually manage it my skin is happier. My whole damn body is happier. But it's hard! You wouldn't think it should be but I find it a huge challenge! I really need to make a better effort though. My face could use the pick-me-up.


I know what you mean. I've been lax with my water consumption this past week and it's totally showing in my face. Maybe there's some kind of reminder device, that people use to remember to take their medication. Except we can use it for water:)


That's really cool that you got such noticeable results. I need to drink more water and actually pay attention to the difference it makes. Thanks for the diary idea.

I hope my bladder adjusts like your did. Whenever I drink more than usual, I get so annoyed that I have to go to the bathroom all the time. I'd probably drink more water naturally if I wasn't such a lazy ass and get annoyed by frequent potty trips (very different than acid trips). I'm tempted to use Depends for my "busy lifestyle."

And thanks for writing such incredibly funny posts. You're such a gifted writer. I love reading your stuff.


Thank you Sonja, I really appreciate your kind words. I hear you on the annoying peeing part of water consumption. Between that and forgetting how many glasses I've drunk, I'm very lame at drinking 8 glasses a day, which is a shame considering it helps so much.

upper eyelid

I as well first thing when I wake up is having a glass of water, then the day starts. Water and exercise are the best ways to keep your skin and health good.

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