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December 22, 2008


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thanks jenny! I'll check it out - I have the same problem - cheese grater lips!


No problem Keri. I can't believe how bitterly cold it is in NYC right now and thanks to this stuff my lips still aren't chapped.
Happy Holidays! Hope you have a great one.


i've had cheese grater lips all my life, and the only thing that has ever worked is calendula lip balm (any brand, but the one I use is organic and I think not available in the states)
I have to apply very often though (I think because I lick my lips all the time without realizing - a side effect of the dry lips that just makes the problem worse!) so I will definitely try this. . .


Hmm... calendula lip balm? I'll keep an eye out for it. But if you can track down the Lypsyl I would definitely try it. I heard it felt like negative 10 degrees here in NYC yesterday with the wind chill and I was walking around all day and still no chapped lips. And I applied it maybe 3 times all day. Amazing


My favorite's Say Yes to Carrot's and Kiss My Face's organic lipbalms. Both have similar consistency that won't turn into white goo that sticks around the corners or lipline. Kiss my face has SPF 15 which sadly the Carrot one lacks. For the tiniest hint of color, Avon lipsavers and Smith's Rosebus salve are great :)


I really like the Benefit dr. feelgood's lip buffing beads for peeling lips. They work with gentle exfoliating beads. I have a peely lip problem and the stuff keeps mine kissable, you use it in the shower. Grab the lip gloss and go!


Buffing beads? I'm glad lips are finally getting some exfoliating products as well. After all, they probably need them the most. thanks!


As a fellow owner of rough-n-tough chapped lips, I swear by Aquaphor Healing Ointment. It's great for taking out the stingy, burning feeling of chapped or sunburned lips. I am also a huge lip balm and CVS addict, and am going to buy this balm ASAP. Thanks!

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