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December 03, 2008


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These are fantastic suggestions!

One I would add is the LaCross Sally Hansen Foot Smoothing Disk for $5.99.


Good one. Thanks!


I took your advice and bought some soaps from savor for christmas gift baskets.. (and one of those sexy shaving soaps for myself). I'm also going to get those japanese towels.. (and, o.k., one for myself). I think I'm going to look for that aztec face melting mask for my friends basket as well.. (and, umm, you get the picture).
I love your blog! Thanks for making me laugh! :)


Sounds like your friends (and uh, you) are going to be getting some good Christmas gifts:)


For cheap blotting papers, I cut up tissue paper from the gift wrap isle and keep them in my desk. Much, much, much cheaper than the small store bought blotting papers and they come in fun colors.

There's something sad about using a toilet cover on my face....although I'm guilty of doing it. :)


Yes, tissue paper does seem a lot more like something Martha Steward would approve of:)


The Salux cloth is like some bizarre, scratchy miracle! A good scrub and the cold rinse has transformed my skin. I didn't use any moisturizer at all yesterday and this morning my normally scaly legs (the dry winter is a killer on my skin) are still as smooth as velvet. Thank you!


Hey Andra,
That's great. I'm so glad they worked for you!

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