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December 01, 2008


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Has anyone ever consulted with their doctor before taking a shower? I always love those disclaimers.

Jennifer Sandbank

Supposedly, it can cause a sudden spike of blood pressure and if you have heart problems that's probably not a good thing. Don't want anyone getting hurt in pursuit of healthier looking skin:)


Not sure if I'm brave enough to try this one...FYI.Janet Leigh was in Psycho (and in your pic above). Tippi Hedron was in The Birds.


Oh, come on. Give it a try:) Katharine Hepburn swore by cold showers. She attributed her longevity (96 years) to them. Thanks for the Janet Leigh correction.
Poor Tippi has already been through enough, with all those birds attacking her head:)


so you're supposed to do it gradually, not suddenly switch to cold? if that's the case I'll try it.

I used to do it just for my hair. I would position myself and my head so that the cold water didn't really touch my body. Supposedly it made your hair shinier. I could only stand it for like, 5 seconds, not 60, and I eventually stopped doing it because I decided my hair was shiny enough.


That's funny. I didn't think it made my hair shinier at all and I always heard it was supposed to. But for the body it's great. I swear I actually don't mind the cold water now. And if I ever get caught in an avalanche I'll be set:)


hi jenny,
it's my first time on your site. i love the humor and i've been reading for like an hour! I too quest to remove "brow cleavage (copyright by babyassface). My one question is, when you rate all these different products so highly, like when you say cold showers or crisco work so well that you don't need your other products, why do you then move on to continue to search for more products and change your routine? If you say cold showers work so well that you don't need any extra moisturizer, why do you then recommend using the expensive TOM cream or even crisco in future posts? How is a girl to decide the best routine/products?!
thanks and i can't wait to try tiger balm!


Hi Emily. Thanks so much for your kind words. Basically, in a nutshell I have a bit of ADD:) Cold showers are amazing!! I don't use moisturizer on my body, any more but if I find a moisturizer that looks interesting I'll try it for the blog. My face does need a little extra help, cold water can't help me with my brow cleavage, crows feet, smile lines, etc. Hence additional products. Also some products that I love for spring or summer (like the Caudalie serum) just aren't heavy enough for the winter air.) But when I say I think something is great. I really do. Basically, I like to switch stuff up a lot. I may need medication:)

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i always bath with cold water, n i like it better than the warm one..

p.s i live in southeast-asia

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Cold showers are superb if you suffer muscular pains don't doubt about use them.

All Saints

I think that cold water shower isn't appropriate for little children

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Does anyone have a miracle skin care product?
I tried Proactive and all it did was really dry out my skin and I was still breaking out. Are there any quick fix products out there that anyone wants to share?


I do so enjoy these helpful postings. Thank you.


Thanks for such a informative article. Its more helpful.


Yes this really does work. I read this article with mirth as I too did the strange dance the first few times, not to mention the loud string of four letter words! But I too am addicted, my hair is shiny, my skin unbeliveabley soft and my general skin tone much improved due to the involuntary contraction of every muscle in my body! I can't rate it highly enough and it is free. In fact I look forward to turning the temp down and spend more than my 60 seconds in the cold each day. Only problem is that I get icecream head if I stay in more than a few minutes as I target the areas I need to tone most, the kneck and face being one of them.


I do that everytime I take a shower . I hate it , but i do it. Haha

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