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December 20, 2008


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I haven't heard the castor oil or vaseline routine, but I have heard that applying some natural almond oil to your lashes is supposed to help them grow faster and thicker or something like that. Eve Pearl said it in an interview on one of the morning news shows. She had a video up on her youtube channel if you want to look it up. :)


I've heard of using castor oil before. I've been meaning to try it but haven't ever acquired the oil.


I sometimes use vaseline on my eyelashes during the day when I want them to have a little more separation/shine but don't want to bother with mascara. It doesn't run into/irritate my eyes at all so it'll probably be a better option than castor oil. I've being doing this little vaseline trick for so long that I honestly can't say if they've made my lashes longer or healthier. But generally speaking, I have fairly long and healthy eyelashes-- maybe this is why!

Jennifer Sandbank

Hey Kuuipo,
Thanks for the almond oil suggestion. I think It'll be the same seeping in my eyes problem for me. (I think I need to train myself to shut my eyes more tightly when I sleep:) But I'll try to track down the Eve Pearl video you mentioned. She's a genius:)


Hey Angelle,
There's a brand called Now that sells all types of oils like jojoba, almond, castor, etc. They have them a lot of times in the beauty section of health food stores. Maybe even Whole Foods. Good luck tracking it down. I'm curious to hear if it works for you.


Hey z,
I tried Vaseline the other night and that too seeped into my eyes. Maybe I sleep with my eyes open and I don't know it:)
You must have long, dark lashes for the vaseline instead of mascara trick to work. I'm so jealous.


OK - drum roll pleez - I am about to unveil one of my best kept beauty secrets.....

I've never used straight castor oil, but I do use ARDEL BROW & LASH GROWTH ACCELERATOR. The stuff costs under $5. The packaging and brush applicator are like mascara. Apply it to your lashes before bedtime. Within days, you'll experience the same soft, glistening lashes as you would with castor oil and alot more! My lashes are thicker, longer, and healthier and I've successfully repaired some eyebrow overplucking mishaps. Who needs $100 lash growth accelerator whose safety is questionable?!?!?! NOT ME ;-D


Thank you so much Debbie! I just checked it out on and it got rave reviews there as well. I will definitely try it. If you've got any other best kept beauty secrets please feel free to send them my way. (Although I guess they wouldn't be best kept then, would they?)
Thanks again!


I started using vaseline recently I would say for 2 weeks or so it doesnt seep into my eyes while I sleep. I have accidently applied it inside my eye it wasnt that bad. I keep the small travel bottle next to my bed so I wont forget along with a mirror. I try to apply it every other day or so.. I have noticed that when I apply mascara they feel fuller and longer. I think it's too soon to tell ... I should've taken before and after pics... oh well.


Hey Jessica,
Wow. Sounds like you're getting good results.
What do you apply the vaseline with? I'm just curious why keep getting it in my eyes. I'm thinking maybe I put it on too thick or something? thanks jenny


One of my eye's lower lid has noticeable patch of missing lashes (made lot of eyelash wishes though), plus my brow hairs are falling thanks to Accutane. I'd gone the castor oil route but that made me breakout on browbones and eyelids (ouch). Ardell did zilch to help plus changed color from white to brown in 2 weeks time. Recently my derm prescribed me some Lumigan (prescrip only) and after 5 weeks the bald lash patch seems normal while the other lashes have grown like weeds (although bit more synchronized & controlled). Also, the (uni)brows seem almost restored to their former Brooke Shields glory. Sadly, slowly but surely, I'm losing faith in the power of OTC and home remedies..


Wow. I was literally just reading about Lumagin.
And that it was a glaucoma medication that they found thickened eyelashes. They're are officially releasing lumigan as Latisse (specifically for eyelashes) at the beginning of 09. That's so cool you got some from your doctor and that it works!!!! That's really good to know.


Vaseline is also great for taking make-up off before bed. My skin is super sensitive and dries out with most make-up removers. Vaseline keeps my lids super soft and doesn't irritate them. My lashes aren't bad either, so it must be helping them too ;)


Vaseline is also great for taking make-up off before bed. My skin is super sensitive and dries out with most make-up removers. Vaseline keeps my lids super soft and doesn't irritate them. My lashes aren't bad either, so it must be helping them too ;)


I second what Susan says and I swear by Vaseline.


I only tried vaseline today and already prefer it over castor oil... i only used castor oil in hopes of getting longer and thickier eyelashes but not for the look itself cos it just caused my eyelashes to stck together and dribble around my eyes.. ewwww. But i put vaseline after washing my face today and NICE, the whole day my eyelashes just looked like they do when i just get out of the shower and swipe them with my towel.. it didnt go to badly under mascara either. I am definately stapling this as my no make up day make up lol... now i'll see if it gives me desired esults in a couple weeks or months... eithr way i'll carry it on =)


Hey Marina,
Maybe I'll try it on no make up days. It's the wearing it at night that's irritating my eyes. Let me know if you end up getting "the desired results".


I coat my lashes in a very thin coat of vaseline every night and have been for the last month or so. I also use one of those mascara wands from a make-up store and while I do sometimes wake up with irritated eyes, it usually stays put on my lashes.

As long as you apply a thin coat, you should be fine! My lashes are DEFINITELY stronger, softer, prettier and now look exceptional with even a thin coat of mascara. I've noticed that it's easier to apply, as well, and I hardly ever get any clumping!


Hey Ali,
OK. Maybe I'll try it again with the vaseline because I probably was laying it on a little thick.
I'll give it a try. Thanks for the tip.


I am trying out Vaseline to lengthen my eyelashes as well! I've only used it for a WEEK and I think that my eyelashes truly have grown longer and thicker.
Maybe it's an illusion and I'm just thinking that, but still...

I use it at night and it doesn't irritate my eyes in the morning. You should definitely give it a shot!


Hey Ciel,
Hmmm. I seems like most people who've tried it think it does work. Guess, it's time to give it another try.

Mary C.

I've used vaseline and it worked great. Saw lashes lengthened and thickened. Then I read that it can clog tear duct so I stopped using it. I haven't liked any other home remedies as much since.

Tadalafil Online

Any home remedies to make your eyelashes thicker?? I used to have thick eyelashes and over the years they have thined out. I have stopped wearing mascara to work and they have gotten a little better. I have beautiful eyes, and am now embarassed. I dont get the compliments i used too... Anyone have any ideas?

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