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January 19, 2009


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oh jenny i'm so sorry. what's ridiculous is here in the bay area, in california, it's like 70 degrees (we NEVER get this weather in january, i swear it's abnormal) but i need it to be colder and rainy so that there will be snow where i'm going next week!! right now, i'm in a tank top and short shorts..sad. that came out gloating, but i PROMISE it's supposed to be wistful lol


The Rosemary Hair Oil is awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwesome. Yes, I deserves that many w's. You can use it as a weekly deep conditioning treatment or just use a spot on dry hair.

And I'm ready to rock...I waaaant to rock!

Hilarious post!


it...not I...although I think I'm as awesome as some hair oil.

this is what I get for not previewing my comment.


Pik,I'll pray that you get my snow and cold weather for next week and that I get your tank top weather. And it did sound like gloating:) I'm going to turn on the oven for warmth now.


Alexandria, thanks for the rosemary oil tip. And I'm sure you are as awesome as the oil. Rock on.


Their Iris day cream is also really good, it is like a lighter version of the Skin Food but without scent. I have and use both regularly, the Iris when I'm only somewhat dry (I have dry skin) and the Skin Food when things get ugly.


thanks fountaingirl, I'm really loving the skin food, I'll definitely try the Iris Day Cream when my skin is less needy.


Good to know. Even my normally oily skin is feeling soooo dry (ugh I HATE this forced air heating and long for a good ole steam radiator). I got a humidifier and that helped but I'm going to pick some of this stuff up at Whole Foods. BTW, the Weleda cellulite oil - it may be called Birch Oil but I'm too lazy to walk into my bathroom and look - is awesome!


Nice avalanche tip :) I would recommend Weleda's Pine Reviving Bath Milk. And hot bath in a cold day, that's a good thing even without Weleda.


Hey Honey,
That sounds really good. I've been packaging to move. Inhaling 14 years of hidden dust. My lungs are killing me. A pine bath sounds the only thing that might clear them out. Thanks for the tip.

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