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January 22, 2009


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jenny, when I was 14 I saw an older women with a saggy neck. It scared me so badly that I've been putting on Oil of Olay and doing those exact exercises for over 30 years...and I have the neck of a 20 year old!! thanks for all the tips, love your blog.


Hey Jane,
Thank you so much for living being proof that it works. That's good to know. Wouldn't want to be making strange faces for no reason:)

Josi and your facial exercising...


At least some of Clint's good looks for his age are because he's vegan!


Get out. Clint is vegan. I love it. Good to know when people say "but aren't you afraid of not getting enough protein being a vegetarian?" I can say Clint is vegan and he can kick someone a 1/4 of his age butt. That'll be a damn good answer. Thanks for the info.


Clint Eastwood is not a vegan or a vegetarian.


Not a vegan? Guess that's why he can kick the butt of someone 1/4 of his age:)


Supposedly his good skin and relatively youthful looks is because he's a total health nut who's been advocating antioxidants for years. Apparently he insists on having steamed vegetables on set and stuff.

Considering all the Westerns he did sans sunscreen, it's amazing he has such good skin...whatever he did!


this was so dumb. like gran torino. so hilariously dumb.


Seriously, facial exercises are a godsend! You should check out facercise by Carole Maggio (if u haven't already).


Hey W,
I've heard of her. I'll check it out.

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