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January 05, 2009


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I was *just* reading about this on the QVC boards last night in just sheer facination - like driving by a car wreck. But reading more people are actually trying this might make me take more notice. I have been on the search for a good nighttime moisturizer for a long while, maybe this is my answer.


hey oldergirlbeauty, Unbelievable, right? I have a $225 jar of La Mer in my bathroom and I'm using Crisco on my face instead. If you try it, let me know what you think.

Claire Allision

I've got Crisco in the kitchen and La Mer in the Bathroom. I'm testing this out tonight.
I've been looking for a substitute for La Mer only because it's so pricey. Was going to switch to Neal's Yard. They have a cream for very dry skin and the sample I used was terrific.
But now? Who can resist this test? And isn't Crisco fragrance free? Probably hypoallergenic.


Yup, the crisco is fragrance free. They didn't indicate about hypoallergenic or not. Guess they weren't expecting us to be spreading it on our faces:) Let me know what you think!


I wonder if the various oils would make me break out.


Hey leah, i would definitely say it's only for normal to dry skin. I thought i would wake up with an erupting volcano on my face but it really didn't cause any disturbances. But definitely not for oily skin.


RIDICULOUSNESS: i was JUST reading about this on last night, and i figured, eh why not? so i tried it before i went to sleep last night. [weird coincidence, huh?] and so far, i am loving the crisco. who'da thunk it? i always equated crisco with butter, but i realize now it's just vegetable oils, and very good for the skin...


Pik, That's so odd. It must be out there in the ether. Kind of like when all of those volcano movies came out at the same time. Glad to hear you thought it worked well too. Makes me feel less white trashy:)


oh, it still DEFINITELY has white trash potential, jenny! in fact...i don't even have a *fancy* lil tub...i have a hardcore stick wrapped in foil. yep, like butter. XD looks classy sitting on my bathroom counter.


I'm a new convert to using pure sweet almond oil as a mousurizer. It isn't as cheap as crisco, but it's cheaper than jojoba..


I've used sweet almond oil on my body but never on my face. It doesn't clog your pores?


being a life long acne sufferer I can't bring myself to put crisco on my face, but when I took Accutane in high school my dermatologist reccomended crisco as a body moisturizer for my super dry skin and it worked great!!


I wish you didn't tell me that. Now I'm going to have Crisco all over my face and body. I'd best not get too close to an open flame or I'll end up looking like a piece of fried chicken. I'll try it as a body moisturizer (maybe just one limb at a time.)

Josh Gilbert

Incredible post! Just the other day I deep fried my hand in crisco oil and ate it...and it tasted EXACTLY like chicken!


Ha. Ha. But your hand looked extremely youthful before your threw it on the fryer, right?


I'm going to try it on my feetsies!


I've never tried crisco, however I have been putting palmer's cocoa butter on my face for about a year. It makes my skin baby soft and even. I'm convinced it's doing something for fine lines too. I have acne prone skin that's very susceptible to hyper-pigmentation from even the smallest little blemish. Surprisingly, palmer's butter has greatly reduced my acne and my hyper-pigmentation. It makes me think that crisco might similarly improve acne.


Haha I tweeted about this before I read your invitation at the bottom ;p


Thanks Marsadie!


This isn't the first time I've heard about the beauty benefits of Crisco. Many ( use it as a moisturizer/styling cream for hair.


Allure mentioned in an issue several years ago about hospitals applying Crisco onto the dry, sensitive skin of eczema patients! (My guess is they were also covering the skin with plastic wrap over the oil to further seal in that moisture...)


Hey Wes,
Thanks for that tip. Now I'm going to have Criscso on my face. On my body, thanks to Ann's suggestion and now in my hair, thanks to you. I'd better get the BJ's Warehouse bulk size.


Hey Fabian, If it's good enough for hospitals, it's good enough for me. But I think I'll pass on the Saran wrap:)


I use crisco on my entire body, even my hair. It was the best $3.50 I ever spent on a moisturizer. I told my mother-in-law about it when our family went to visit her for Chrsitmas, and now she loves it.


I heard about using Crisco for diaper rash many years ago and it worked. Recently, while researching natural remedies for my granddaughter's eczema, I discover Crisco was recomended to lock in moisture after soaking in a bath.

I suggest reading the back of the Crisco can...WOW it is loaded with vitamins. Perhaps that information will bring sceptics around to the many wonders of Crisco.

I have tried it as a moiturizer myself, after the eczema research and it is truly amazing.

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