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January 05, 2009


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Hey Diane,
Did it work on your granddaughter's eczema?


I tried this, after whisking in a couple of vitamin E pills for added goodness.

Works perfectly! Much MUCH better than Creme de la Mer. Love this site, great tips, thanks.


Hey a,
I'll try the vitamin E. Sounds like a good addition.


Solution to feeling trashy using Crisco on your face, etc.?

Just keep refilling your empty, fancy jars of totally inferior products you'll NEVER EVER waste your cash on again with the cheap stuff!

Pretty. And you'll be damned if guests notice the difference!


I am an R.N., worked many years for an allergist who always recommended Crisco as a moisturizer. It really is amazing.

buy ponds age miracle

I found out that some cream contains some useful ingredients,i just wanna ask if what is the primary ingredients of this soap? again thank you so much. :)



Our pediatrician recommends Crisco for everything (and I mean everything) and on my last visit I realized he has amazing skin. The guy has to beat least 65 and his skin is supple and smooth and he lives in southern California with lots of sunshine. I am going to ask him next time if he applies it but my gut says that is his secret.


Another great, and inexpensive, moisturizer is to use Vaseline after a bath or shower. Talk about baby-soft arms and legs!


Believe it or not, my horse shoer recommended Crisco for my horse's hooves as a moisturizer as opposed to the expensive hoof care stuff. But after reading this, I'm trying it for myself, too.


I am a little leary about using Crisco on my baby... But heck I have tried almost everything.. Even prescriptions and nothing seems to help my baby itchy dry skin.... so hopefully this helps... I will keep you posted on any results...

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