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January 13, 2009


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A great exfoliant is baking soda - make a thinnish paste of about 2 teaspoons with water and rub it GENTLY all over your face for a minute or two. It is cheap as can be, and very gentle (as long as YOU are gentle) and works GREAT. Enjoy.


Thanks vsugar. Looks like Food Emporium is about to become my Sephora of 09.


I prefer lemon juice or lime- because they have less fruit sugar and are therefore less likely to leave anything sticky. Even cheaper though, is a diluted apple cider vinegar as a toner. Check it out: It doesn't smell as nice as fruit, but you can put herbs like rosemary into the vinegar and it will infuse and smell fab.


I think Comet would make a wonderful exfoliant in that it would take off all layers of skin, not just the dead cells flaking on the top.


Thanks for the tip Natalie. I wish I liked the smell of apple cider vinegar better, because that stuff is so good for so many things.


Hey Amanda, I bet if I used Comet as an exfoliant and some lemon Joy dishwashing liquid as my face cleanser, I would have the cleanest skin ever:)


Girl, you are too funny. I think I overload my skin sometimes with lotions and potions (I mean, I know I do) so it's good to get back to basics sometimes....
And I'm going to tell my mom about the Crisco...funny she was contemplating it and after reading your article...... it's on!
Good luck on your job search,too..


Thanks Josi.
The way I figure if it's good enough to eat, it's probably good enough to smear on our skin. Let me know what your mom thinks of the Crisco. And thanks for the job search luck wishing.


I just saw a free brochure on the website that is all about beauty recipes featuring honey. Thought you might be interested :-)


Thanks so much Robin! I love using honey and I'm sure I don't even know a 1/10th of the uses for it. I'm so excited to check out the site.


Love this! Will have to try it when I have my OJ in the morning.


I found an AMAZING moisturizer I can't live without- And it's cheap! It's unrefined coconut oil from the health food store. I like the Spectrum brand. I will never go a day without it. It is solid at room temp, but melts as you rub it between your fingers. It has anti-inflamatory properties, antibacterial properties, and does zillions of other wonderful things. I had very dry skin AND acne and could never find a moisturizer that worked. Now my skin is dewy, plump, and zero breakouts. I put it on after I cleanse at night, so when I go to put my makeup on in the morning it is perfectly absorbed. You have to try it! It has tons of uses!


Hey K,
I actually just threw out some coconut oil. I had tried it on my hair and didn't like it. I didn't think of putting it on my face (guess I only think of putting non-obvious things like OJ on my face:). I'll have to track down some more and try it based on your review. Thanks!


I don't blame you for not thinking to put it on your face!! That goop looks like it would plug up your pores like crazy! Amazingly it doesn't! I don't know how you tried it on your hair, but give it another go as a pre-wash conditioner. Apply an ample amount 30 mins or more before you shower, then wash your hair as usual. It provides beauty on the inside too! It is insanely healthy, and I cook everything in it. Get virgin/unrefined coconut oil from the health food store; refined oil may have a different effect on the skin and hair. I hope it works wonders for you! It has for me! Now I'm going to go and try OJ on my face!


Hi K,
Now I'm really regretting throwing it out. I think I might have left it on my hair overnight with a shower cap on, which was probably too long. Thanks for the tips.


alpha hydroxy acid + time in the sun = skin damage. yes the alpha hydroxy acid helps tighten the skin, but it also leaves you vulnerable to the suns harmful rays; the ones that suncreens block.

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