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January 03, 2009


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What face mask do you use? And what about if I have oily or breakout prone skin?


Hey Ann,
I use a hydrating mask because my skin is dry.
For oily skin, it seems like where there was excess oil (where your skin most needs attention) the mask wouldn't actually soak up as much, so I don't think this technique would actually work for oily skin. Sorry, this post isn't that helpful for you, but I guess it's just good to know specifically where your skin needs the most help so you can make sure to give those areas extra attention.


For oily/breakout prone skin defintly try Jan Marini Factor A mask with BHA, Kojic Acid and other helpful ingredients :)


I have some Aubrey that smells awful and comes in a huge bottle, but by glopping it on as a mask I get to feel all thrifty for not throwing it out. Straight aloe gel works great too


Love the aloe, too.


Five comments before me and no one mentions the genius of your Heidi and Spencer joke? You are absolutely hilarious!


Thanks Daneen!

nicole c.

I actually do this, but with albolene cleanser, or moisturizer like aubrey organics rosehip moisturizing cream for dry skin. when my skin is really sensitized, or I'm being cheap I use the albolene ;)

Jennifer Sandbank

That's so funny, Nicole. My mother just told me that my grandmother used to only use albolene. I'd never even heard of it before. She had really good skin.

upper eyelid

My girl usually put to boil some salt water in a bowl, then she let her face to receive the steam, and wow it do works alot.

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