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January 07, 2009


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I might try this.
I have the same horizontal brow cleavage as Gary Coleman; it's not bad, since I'm still pretty young, but it's noticeable. My mother's, on the other hand, is pretty insane, so anything I can do to prevent a Grand Canyon-esque rift twixt the brows, I will.


I love this blog. You are funny, and your ideas are intriguing. I'm going to try this.


i wonder if the balm is okay to use.. i have this kind of reddish tinted tiger balm in a glass jar.


First, let me say that I love this blog! Great sense of humor too. Thanks, I am a devoted reader.

On to tiger balm.... i have been using it for years on my forehead/ temples sometimes the nape of the neck for migraines. It works wonders. However, one caveat, to unicornucopious~ asking about the one in the jar...if your skin is sensitive (like mine) you have to be careful because this is strong stuff, so just proceed with caution... I will look forward to trying this trick out with the milder version.


if you have sensitive skin though, it probably isn't a good idea to put menthol on your face, right?


Hey Pik,
I have the skin of an elephant so I'm no expert on sensitive skin but you can always try a tiny test patch. If anyone out there with sensitive skin tries it, let us know how it worked or if your face ended up looking like that character from Willy Wonka who blows up like a blueberry.


both ingredients irritate the skin and provide temporary benefits but long term they're not good for the skin.
sorry to be a buzzkill.


Hey mnyc,
I've actually used it a bunch of time and it didn't irritate my skin, but like I said I have the skin of an elephant. As for the long term benefits not being good for the skin, the way I see it, it can't be worse than shooting toxic, cow botulism into our foreheads:) Hopefully:)


One tip is to make sure that you choose the light colored Tiger Balm. The regular Tiger Balm is kinda yellowish and has a warning about staining fabric. I actually tried this trick with BioFreeze and Ben Gay - I so want a "natural" cure to "brow cleavage" - and (with the warning not to do this with sensitive skin) BioFreeze was the best of all three. I saw an improvement almost immediately!


My grandma thinks Tiger Balm is the answer to everything. Once she gave me a speech on why Vix has nothing on Tiger Balm..

Anyway, she uses it on her face too. She has very very few wrinkles. I could count them on one hand... Maybe the balm has something to do with it?


Wow. That's so cool your grandmother uses it on her face too. Does she have any other good tips?

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Botox could be more expensive than this balm. I should have one of these tiger balms so I can have my muscles relaxed, and because I also have a facial expression that has been a mannerism for me.

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