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February 20, 2009


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LOL..... My mother told you to post this, right?


Hey Debbie,
Ha. Ha. I think maybe our mothers were right about some stuff. Who knew? My next post is going to be about not going outside with wet hair:)


I've long claimed that the key to getting rid of my dark and puffy eyes is my eye drops with antihistimine in them. Rite Aid brand. :) So glad it's not just me!


God, I am loving this blog! I just found it today and read all the old, and ordered about ten new products online. So excited! thank you! this is the only product review writing i've ever read that is seriously hilarious and informative.


Hey M,
Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You made my day!


Hey Meredith,
Wish I didn't wear contacts or else I would love to try the eye antihistime drops.
Thanks for the tip,


What a good idea! I just bought some of those and now I'll actually get my lazy ass to start using them more regularly. Thanks for the great tip! I'm so tired of these dark circles!

upper eyelid

Is this for real, your dark eyes were caused by dirt?? funny...

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