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February 03, 2009


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Beauty Talk

Great that those worked for you! I would have been afraid to use somethig with Retinol, ginseng extract and vitamin C on irritated eyes. Mostly because I associate Retinol and Vit C with side-effect of irritation... Was it really so soothing? No tingling, itchiness? I am always looking for good eye products to resolve my morning (or en-of-week-exhausted) puffy eyes problems :-(


It was a little irritating on the eyes but my eyes were already irritated so it's hard to tell what was what. But my eyes/eye area looked happy after so I imagine for me it wasn't that irritating. If you look on the reviews on Sephora there was one or two people who found it irritating, the rest didn't. Guess it depends on the person. How's that for a non-helpful answer:)


Girl I am so glad that you are back! I was having withdrawals from not reading your updates! I seriously have no time to try out products and have purchased many a product based on your reviews! Never mind the fact that your descriptions are such a hoot! Many a morning I have spit coffee on my screen laughing at your musings! My favorite was the little baby image with the stache for Embodi-which I'm still hunting for locally! (Plus my son thinks he's being real naughty when he says the name of your blog!) Keep up the great reviews!


Thanks Dawn! Some days it's hard to motivate to write this when there are so many other things I have to do. It's the support and kind words of people like you that get me to the keyboard. Thanks again! And can I pay your son to go around town saying the name of my blog? It would be an avant-garde ad campaign, but it just might work:)

Devi Girsang

I used it once only cos it was damn expensive (equal to $5 per sachet). I felt my eyes were fresh after application, but too bad I didn't wear it on regular basis.

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