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February 27, 2009


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The saran wrap stuck because your face was moist with moisturizer?

I'm having a hard time visualizing how you got the saran wrap to stay especially with the dryer going.


Hey Alexandria,
I used the clingy kind of plastic wrap. You know, the annoying kind that always clings to itself when you're trying to cover something with it. I think it's probably the combo of it being clingy and sticking to the moisturizer but it stays on well.


Well, that was definitely one of the more strange parts of my day. But, I am happy to report my experiment. I used regular butter and regular salt, mixed it into a paste and rubbed it in for about 30 seconds. It was kind of a beeyotch to rinse off, but my pores are much less noticeable and my nose is very soft!


Hey Laura, So glad that was "one of the more strange parts of your day" (it would be weird if it wasn't:)
Glad to hear it worked for you!


That mirror trick is going to give me nightmares. Some double-chinned saggy-cheeked devil-me chasing me into the future or something. Eek.

Tried the Saran Wrap trick, but it didn't work super well being that it just regular ole' plastic wrap and not the properly clinging stuff. I tride slicing little bits out of the sides and looping it over my ears, which worked pretty well.

My roommate: What are that plastic wrap on your head?
Me: Look, I'm trying to stay FRESH.


Hey Jessica,
OMG. I can't stop laughing. I just got a mental image of the looping over the ears thing and your roommate looking at you with plastic wrap on your face. I'm surprised she didn't call your parents because she thought you were trying to suffocate yourself. Yeah, the wrap really has to be the clingy kind, to seal in the freshness, like it does for leftover.
Thanks. I still can't stop laughing. You're better than Conan.

Lillybeth Melmoth

Hahahahahahahahahahhaha, a true LOL. :-D


I saw a youtube video where the girl put saran wrap on her hair for shine. I thought very interesting! I have not tried it thought.


Hey Beautelicious, I'll have to look for that video on youtube. Sounds interesting.


I did this last night, slept with it on (it's so hot in Saudi Arabia, that one doesn't need blowdryers), and woke up to lovely skin!

Thanks for the tip~


you're very brave. I would have been afraid the Saran Wrap would have shifted over my nostrils in the middle of the night and suffocated me, but I'm sure it worked great wearing it for that long.
Glad it worked for you.

Marlene Affeld

Funny and informative post - I am hesitant to try the plastic wrap - concerned the grandchildren might try it and suffocate - a moist steamy towel might be a better alternative. I enjoy you blog and sense of humor -

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Wow! great blog so funny but yet very informative. Thank you for sharing. lol! :))


Pure Skincare

I agree that ou're very brave. I would have been afraid the Saran Wrap would have shifted over my nostrils in the middle of the night and suffocated me

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