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February 26, 2009


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Do you think butter is more likely to be comedogenic than the Smart Balance stuff? If you ever try it with real butter, let me know if it works better or worse than fake butter! Thanks! =)


Hey J,
I don't know. I suppose since SmartBalance is vegetable based it might have less fat in it than butter, but I really don't know. I don't eat butter to try it with, but hopefully someone will try it and let us know.


I'll try it with butter later today and give you an update.


Thanks ky!


My dog would try to eat my nose!


Hey Debbie,
Ha. Ha. But that would get rid of the appearances of pores:)


Well, I tried this with unsalted Land O'Lakes butter and sea salt. I made a paste and worked it on my nose for about 30 seconds. Looking in the mirror while I was scrubbing, I didn't think anything was happening.

I then rinsed with warm water and gave my nose a look. My pores are definitely less noticeable, but not nonexistant (and wouldn't that be weird anyway? lol). My skin on my nose is also really soft and somewhat red.

Perhaps I will try this again with Brummel and Brown spread. I'm sure the yogurt would be soothing for the skin.


Hey Alexandria,
Sounds like a semi-success (except for the red nose). Thanks for confirming it works, so I know I'm not completely crazy.


I wonder if I could subsitute the salt for sugar, and the butter for some other grease-like substance that might be better for the skin like olive oil, or almond oil. Just the thought of putting butter on my face is making me breakout, I think. Pores aren't really my issue's zits.


Hey Ann,
I don't think you can substitute sugar for salt. I think salt being an astringent is what works about it. As for other grease-like substances maybe you can sub that for butter. I don't think this works for zits, more for pores. Did you try the mask made out of aspirin for zits. That's supposed to work well.


I think the salt is really a scrub - not an astringent. You can use sugar mixed with into a paste with an oil - like olive oil or almond oil. You can also use baking soda:
I tried it and my skin looked great!


Thanks Elysek. That's good to know and it sounds like all the ingredients one would have in their cabinets, so no having to buy a cow or anything:)


This site cracks me up...I'm usually game for trying anything -- so I love it....I'm working up the courage to try this one (butter on my face freaks me out)... I just couldn't do the crisco-- are you still substituting la mer for crisco??


Hey Kerry,
I'm actually off the Crisco and on to the cut open Omega 3.6.9 pills.
Not to self-diagnose but I'm pretty sure I have ADD:)
If you don't have oily skin, the butter should be fine. No one reported back that it caused any kind of facial eruptions (yet).


I tried it with butter and sea salt and it did a decent job of minimizing my pores. I'll definitely try it again.


Hey Kitty,
Good to hear. Happy to see, no one reported that their nose exploded in zits from it:)


Mmm.. popcorn face!

I wonder though if the butter is kind of filling your pores? I can't see that being very good for your skin after a while.. wouldn't you get seriously clogged pores? I have to try this :)

I really like Clinique's Pore Minimizer. I apply it afer my foundation and buh bye pores!

Bratty Duke

I know linking to your own blog is tacky, but so is writing a novel-length comment:

Bratty Duke

And PS: LOVE the blog.


Thanks Bratty.


I just got done reading this and had to try it. I mixed butter with sea salt and took it into the shower...cleansed my face first and then did the scrub.

WOWW, am I impressed...i have pretty clogged nose pores and they are like 94% cleaned out, but i faintly smell like butter now and i dont likeee thaaaat

nasal congestion remedies

Thanks for sharing, I was also looking for nose pores reduction and well, I'm gonna try this butter and salt recipe.


Hey guys! This is interesting as I have large pores on nose too....How long did this effect last for y'all?
Thanks...I LUUUUV this Blog!

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