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April 01, 2009


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I was reading this thinking, "Man, homegirl has really lost it..."

Congrats on being the first person to punk me today.


ok... I totally didn't even think about it being april fools day today...
good one!


Oh good gracious, you definitely got me. I was thinking, eh, sounds like a...reasonable thing for a crazy person to do...I don't think I could personally get over the smell though...

Thank God it's a prank! :)


Ohhh, ya got me!
Did you really put Nutella on your face too?


Ha!! I fell for it too. It's just something I'd sort of expect you to do.


HAHAHAHA! I totally fell for that, I read the whole thing in disgusted fascination. Thanks for the laugh (and the nausea...). :)


I am soooooooooooo glad that was an April Fools.... Guh, just the thought... Not to mention that my cat would probably eat my face off! Yikes, on many levels!!


After reading your blog for the past few months, i'm totally convinced that you would try just about anything in the name of beauty. I love it though. You're funny!


Ha. I don't know whether I should be flattered that you guys think I would do anything for beauty or disturbed that you think I'd smear cat food on my face:) And yes, Keiko, I did try Nutella on my face. I figured nuts are filled with healthy oils. I wasn't expecting the rash though.
Hope everyone had a good day!

Lisa M. Rodgers

What a totally had me going! I thought it could be reasonable since you threw in the benefits of Omega 3-6-9 but was still slightly disgusted as a scrolled down to read more!


OMG, that is awesome. You brought tears to my eyes (perhaps just from the thought of having that stuff on my face). I totally thought you really did it, considering your past exploits. Fer real though, you might want to try Halo Spot's Stew canned food. It really looks like a stew with whole peas and such and even smells like something you'd consider eating. I bet that would get your skin glowing. ;)

Connie L

I didn't care if it made me look 20 years younger - No way in H@ll!


lol,I was actually thinking about trying this :/ wow!

cat insurance

from the moment i read the title of the post, i knew this was a joke. :D

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