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March 25, 2009


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Hmmm...Huffing a spider plant while watching ANTM?




Terrific post!! Thanks for the info. Love that you show pet safe plants. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs.


The Japanese plant-inhaler reminds me of that story about the kid who was putting his cat in a bong. Doesn't it look like she's trying to smoke out her plant?


Hey Kate,
I think she's getting high on oxygen. How very John Denver of her.


Hey Minze,
Yeah, there are lots of pet-poisonous plants out there. And God knows, that'd probably be the first one my cat would eat:)


The Dracaena Janet Craig is on the toxic list, so it is not pet-friendly :-(

Master's Commission

O2 is good for the brain, which means good for studying, which I do a lot of... time to go get more houseplants for my Master's Commission College work. Thanks

petsafe stubborn dog fence

@lilybird99, you are totally right, I agree with you.


Thank You so much for these tips! My daughter is 3 and just diagnosed with Asthma. I've been looking for ways to get fresher, cleaner air, into those little lungs of hers. If you have any other helpful tip please email them to me! We just got out of the hospital with her Asthma and anything to keep us outta there would be a life saver!!!

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