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March 12, 2009


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Don't spend the cash on the Jonathan one! You can get the same damn thing cheaper at any hardware store--google "shower filtration system" and see if you can find where they've rated different brands. Plus Jonathan has bad plastic surgery and you don't want to encourage more of that by making him richer.

I love your site, Babyassface!


Good advice Maggie. Thanks. I did seem a bit expensive. And I wouldn't my money to contribute to another Michael Jackson or Joan Rivers plastic surgery monstrosity. I love your site too. It/you're hysterical!


Ditto what Maggie said. I a filtration system for the shower my old apt. and it was quite a bit cheaper. I got it from Paragon
It was pretty good, although sometimes the filter was difficult to change. Also, if your apt. has low water pressure (which mine did), this won't do you any favors :-\ They sell through Amazon, too, I think.


Shower filtration systems aside, I've been using Moroccan Hair Oil for the past month or so, and find that I no longer need any products other than shampoo and/or conditioner. My hair is shiny, smooth, and doesn't get tangly by midafternoon anymore. Plus it only takes about 2 minutes to blowdry it, rather than the 15 it used to.


Hey Robin,
Thanks for the link. I just looked at that one on Amazon and found another that looks like I can use with the aerating showerhead I just bought to boost water pressure. So hopefully, between the two I won't have trickling water. Thanks!


Thanks Dina. I'll look for it.


This is your funniest post YET. You know I'm running home tonight and washing my hair with water from my Poland Spring water cooler.


Hey Amber,
Please let me know how it works for you. I just bought a shower filter system from Amazon. I can't wait to get it so I can stop looking like there's a large guinea pig perched on my head.


Jenny, which filter system did you buy? Did it help?

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