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March 20, 2009


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HA!!! But you are, Jenny, you ARE in that chair...or at least you were :). (I just can't think of this movie without that quote). I would have run for the HILLS when I saw her don a mask.

Allure had a really good article about the Brazilian hair straightening about a year ago. The farthest along that path I go are relaxers, and I try to stretch those as far as I can. Wrapping my hair every night in a silk scarf does wonders too.

The things we do for beauty...


Hey Alexandria,
Hmm a silk scarf. I'm going to have to try that because when I wake up my hair looks like I've just escaped from an insane asylum.
Yes, the things we do (unknowingly) for beauty:)


I haven't tried the treatment, although my hair could probably use it! I do own the blow dryer which I bought after your review. I love this thing! I have thick, frizzy, curly hair. When I use my "designer" it is smooth and shiny with a slight wave to it. Amazing!


Holy shit. Is all I have to say. How come every beauty treatment labeled "Brazilian" is crazy and borderline dangerous?


Hey Apocalypstick,
I read that in Brazil there's a clinic for the poor where they give out free Botox injections. I think that says it all.


Is it bad that I still want to try it anyway? Clearly I have issues.


Hey Meredith,
Maybe you're just a rebel who likes living on the edge. I suppose it's better than say, freebasing or something:)


I got this done when I lived in Argentina actually. It was super cheap there and the after pics looked amazing. (I have curly/frizzy hair naturally). Well this stuff worked for ONE year, I had glistening, glowing, beautiful and perfectly straight hair for one year. Unfortunatly that was 4 years ago, and to this day my hair has never been the same. My hair used to be thick, and now it's thin. It used to be a lot healthier, and now it's much more lifeless and weak. I try all different kinds of shampoos and treatments but I will never get my hair back. I have been to the best hair stylists in NYC who told me I've permanently damaged my hair follicles, so I'll never again get my hair back. In other words, it's not worth it. DON'T do it.

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