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April 06, 2009


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aveda brilliant spray as a detangler, then aveda smooth infusion pre-styling prep....SO GOOD!!! my hair isn't curly though, it's pretty straight but gets frizzy - don't know if it would work on more extreme cases.


I have very thick rather straight hair but have found the effects of John Frieda Frizz-Ease heat damage protection to be astounding. It makes me feel like I have model worthy hair. My sister agrees. We cannot go a day without it anymore.


thanks MB. I'll check if they do the free sample thing so I can check it out.
Thanks! Jenny


Jenny, how much did you use? I bought this and found that it just makes my hair feel kinda greasy. :(. Any tips? Thanks!


Hey Kerry,
I used a pea-sized dab. Did u use it on damp hair because I think on dry hair it might make it greasy. I have thick, dry hair so maybe it's just good for that?


Is that your poodle-in-law in the picture? Poodles are the BEST.

this humble abode

This is the one and only hair product I use/will ever use.


Wow, This humble abode. That's a rave review if I've ever heard one. Glad to know I'm not the only one who likes it.


Hey Jenny!

My hair is super thick, long, curly and frizzy. I have not tried this Fekkai product, but I LOVE Biolage Ultra Hydrating shampoo and conditioning creme. It makes your hair sooo smooth, silky, takes away all the frizz, detangles, and provides the "weight" you and I need. I apply a small amount of the conditioning creme after I towel dry my hair for extra smoothness. You should definitely try it as a cheaper alternative to the Fekkai! It works MIRACLES!


Thanks K! I've never tired Biolage before. But I definitely will based on your reco. Sounds like it'll be perfect for my hair.

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Oh that is really a funny hairstyle.

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