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April 13, 2009


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I'll put Hask Placenta in my hair, but I think I'll pass on putting bird poop on my face.

Hoda Kotb was totally freaking out about the poop; it was hilarious.


Historically, geisha would use lead based paints for that super white skin look, so I'm not sure about taking any skincare advice...

Can I save my $50 and rub my face on my car? The beds seem to have it out for me.


Hey Courtney,
I like that idea. You can clean you car and soften your face at the same time. Brilliant!


Ugh! I read about this a few weeks ago on Beauty Wonkette and was moderately grossed out. Woulda thought I'd be over it, but Definitely still UGH worthy. UGH UGH UGH

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I am not sure whether I could ever apply bird poop on my face,but all I understand is there is a lot of research about beauty products and people are coming out with more and mor newer options.


Apply bird poop on my face,,, ough!!! good idea to brighten, heal and smooth my skin.. where i can get that?.. because in my country is nothing


Apply bird poop on my face, if can to brighten, heal and smooth skin. it's good idea. my i can try it

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It just goes to show you the things people are willing to do to look great. Appearance must be everything for the people willing to use bird feces as a way to get a younger and brighter look in their faces. For how gross it is, I really hope that this method works. These people deserve something for having bird feces spread over their faces.

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