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April 03, 2009


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haha. The more styles the merrier, right?

On a hair note, I tried honey as a pre-shampoo treatment on damp hair, and it didn't work any miracles in terms of overwhelming softening or silkiness after I was all done washing and styling. It did make my hair feel thicker though.


The guy near the end with the orange perm = the only future I want to be in.


I think I prefer the Terminator style apocalypse to this.

Any chance that some of thses are wigs? Terrible...terrible wigs?


We can only pray they are, Jessica. Actually I'm pretty sure the one with the zipper is, unless the Japanese are a lot more advanced than I even imagined.

Cute Easy Hairstyles

I feel like this hair show was trying to hard to look edgy. It is kinda amazing to create that kind of hairstyles but they are not practical or pretty (at least for me). The first picture, it's not a hat right?? ;-)

baby gifts

Oh my gosh. If the future's hair will be like these, I'd rather have my hair cut.

Lise charmel lingerie

Her looks totally different.

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