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April 15, 2009


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Hilarious, as always, and I LOVE Cucina. It's totally my reward for keeping my sink clear and tidy. It's on sale at Anthropologie every once in awhile.


Hey Morgan,
I like, that rewarding yourself for keeping the sink clean, i'll have to try it. Thanks for the Anthropologie tip!


"I knew I would soon end up in my kitchen, naked, doing dishes, covered in hand cream." HAHAHAHA!
Thank you, thank you, thank you, for that laugh. I really needed that. As for the mental image of you peeing in kitchens all over Italy, well...


Hey Katie,
Thanks. Glad I could make you laugh and gross you out all in one post:)


Oh silly girl :) You will be happy to know that Cucina is just a small offshoot of a large Canadian bath/skincare company called fruits & passion. Look, it's even on the bottle :) They are like the Quebecois Bath and Body Works. It's been years since I've visited their website but I think its or or both. Well, yeah, I guess you could just Google it.


Ahh, I knew they were too good to just stick to hand products.
Thanks for the info!

Self Tanning Queen

Great post! I'm always looking at new super moisturizing products to use under my self-tanner.

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