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April 28, 2009


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If you eat your arms, how will we get new posts on the wild stuff you put on your face?

mmmm. That stuff sounds delish. I use Ojon Tawaka, which is also made from cacao. It's fabulous for the hair and a treat for the nose!


the alcoholic and the chocoholic in me is yearning for this ;-)

baby gifts

My daughters have been asking me if we can go to Max Brenner but I don't want to. I'm afraid they will get hooked. =) They love chocolate so much. Maybe I'll just buy that scrub. I will definitely get so much hugs and kisses from my babies.


Nice article I love your writing!!


where have you beeeeeeeen


You had an article a while back about how good lemon water is for you. I prefer adding lime to water, does this have the same benefits?


Hey Beth,
I've been crazy busy with work. Unfortunately, My free
Time to work on the blog has been non-existent.
Hopefully things with calm down soon.


hey jenny,
Everything I read specified lemons
Because they were detoxifying. I don't think
Limes do the same thing but I'm just
Going by what I've read online.


Resurrect the BabyAssFace!

I miss my morning laugh fest.

I hope all is well.


Is she gone? Seems I have been waiting forever on another blog. I also hope everything is fine:)


come back to us!!!


We miiiiiiiiiiiss you!


Almost been a month without a post. This blog is going to come off my daily blog viewing soon.
Why not ask your friends to review stuff aka guest reviewers.


OMG. You guys. I'm so sorry. I've been so swamped with work and exhausted that I just have to take a break from BAF until I get to a lull in work again.
I miss you guys though.


well, hey, it's good to hear from you! you're wrong if you think this little piece on chocolate could hold us over for a month.

Trench coats

I love chocolate, having it in a scrub is so dangerous! I'll probably eat it after I smell it!

Cash Back

Chocolate in the shower!


So glad you're back at it and didn't eat your limbs. Cannibalism, especially to oneself, is never a good thing.

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