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April 20, 2009


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I LOVE my memory foam mattress pad. It totally warrants a review on a beauty blog, IMO. Here's mine:

Love your post!


Hey Amber,
Wow the Target one is only $90. That's amazing.


Jenny - My husband and I use ONLY memory foam mattress toppers from!! We finally got rid of the bed completely because it always seemed to turn into a hammock, and now we use a 4-inch topper with a 2-inch topper underneath it on top of a platform. It turns out to be the BEST BED I've ever slept on. We absolutely love it. We used to use two 4-inch ones, but we found that was actually too squishy for our tastes. I feel so close!!


My name is Katie, and I'm a foamaholic.


Hey Barbie,
That's would happen to me. My bed would get a huge valley in it. I never thought of just using two toppers. Brilliant.


Katie, I'll join your foamaholic support group if you start one. I'm definitely an addict.

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