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May 26, 2009


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I miss YOUR writing. Quit your other jobs and just do this.


I wish I could make money blogging and quit my paying job. Pray for me to win Mega Millions. I think that'll be the only way:)

Sally Says

Hooray. I've missed your blog so much! I wanted to say that thanks to you, I recently added lemon water to my daily routine with amazing results.

Glad you're back!

Self Tanning Queen

Oh great! I was wondering where you'd gone too. Your blog posts are great and I've been checking in to see where you've gone too! I know how much time and energy blogs take, but glad to see you're still around!


Hey Sally,
Glad the lemon water worked for you. Oh, I'm not back quite yet, still in work hell but hopefully soon.
Thanks for the kind words.


Jenny, we missed you! When you are done with your freelance work, drop me an email. Maybe I have more freelance work for you (not makeup related, thank goodness)!

Laura F.

Aw, we've missed you too! I'm so glad that nothing horrible happened to you. (Sorry, I tend to be paranoid and imagine the worst...)


Sounds good Maggie. Thanks! I have 7 months of a lack of work to make up for. Hope all is well with you.
Thanks again,


Welcome back to blogland!


Hey! this is good news, you are working! Congrats!

Homeless people rarely blog well, so this is GOOD!


hooray! i missed your writing!

Maria Barnet

Still missing BAF!


is this blog over? :(


I was just wondering the same thing Beth.

Aubade lingeri

Good blog maintained by you.Keep writing.


I miss this blog!


where the hell are you?


Your so incredible!! You should make a donation thing. We could donate and you could get free lotion crap or mix some OJ and honey (This super easy-to-make face mask will help to moisturize and soften skin which has been burnt by strong sunlight or dried by wind. Try it! It feels great!
•A few drops of orange juice
•A tablespoon of honey
Add a few drops of orange juice into the honey. Mix well. Smooth evenly on your face and let it sit for 20 minutes. Rinse clean with warm water afterwards. and send it to us. (: You are so incredible I am sure you will get lots of money and can quit your job.


Okay, I guess I'm done following this blog.


Another one bites the dust... :(


something you might like- I found this website, it's like or something like that, where you can make your own beauty products (on the cheap!)
There's a make-up remover I'm excited to make as soon as I get my hands on some jojoba oil.


Hey Jenny--

I just found your blog this morning... I love it so much! I hope you find time to update again soon, this is really such a great blog.


I miss you Jenny!!


duuuuuuude, are you ever coming back?


oh noooo this blog has been both helpful and humorous, guess i have to find another one... damn

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